Who is you

Who is you
I leave tear and laugh to you; I leave dream and pursuit to you; I leave the morning and dusk to you; I leave half of mine to you. I know that there is your existence in this world; There must be half that you become me, become my sun; There must be you and hold me and embrace my everything  

Though sometimes I am very lonely and very lonely who is you, even can't help wanting to seek you and get you as soon as possible, want, unbosome to you thought of me long for, want, open feelings of me wide to you, want, spend joyous face of me freely to you, but for the warmth as scheduled of the future, I must condense my aspiration, must condense my yearning, must condense my enthusiasm.

It will certainly know by you I in,will certainly wait for by I in the front crossing or platform. I know you will come over surprisely finally, surprisely and I know and know each other.

In this way, I walk on this road very lonelily, very happily, my sight is always that the perseverance is always towards the front. And give no thought to thistles and thorns such as the forest, dangerous gully everywhere.

I often check whether one's own step strengthens, often hope the span is a bit greater, it is a bit bigger. I always imagine the day when will meet with you soon, always aftertaste you. I have even already felt your existence, have experienced your breath. I see you far place flicker a bunch of flowers in in the front already, give one's regard to me again and again, call again and again  

All sunshine is paved with this road, a kind of happiness which is full of glamour is drawing me, it is vigorous to accompany my confidence with you, the paces are tough and tensile.

Moving towards you in this way, I am dust, full or weariness fully.
Marching on towards you in this way, I have one's face covered with tears, with smiles.
Even if not know - -Who is it to have you now? Who does the outcome have you? !

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