It is a kind of enjoyment too to stay alone

It is a kind of enjoyment too to stay alone
 Live in this world with noisy confusion, really need the space that oneself stays alone sometimes. Can let one's own soul fly away, all the thing can think of anything needn't think of. A person stays alone quietly and follows beautifully, clear fairy follows, follow warmly: One people stay alone, poverty too rich, lonely and gentle even.

Can stroll by water, stand still for a long while in the silent spaciousness, experience a clear fairy. Make soul Far from the Madding Crowd numerous and disorderly world, experience fragrance of flowers quietly, listen to chirping of birds. Appreciate that brings my fun naturally, the silent one is immersed in one's own reverie, don't who come on to keep company, there is only oneself, but I am the truest at this moment. It is easy to look up at the remotest places cloud cirrus. Let the heart float and fly with one's own boundless state of mind. At this moment, this world belongs to me, I had the whole world too.

Can hold a product fragrant tender tea leaves, Yong's lazy browsing a good book in the curling up of Yin Yun. Let oneself be gone to understand in the book about life in this rare tranquility, characters about the emotion. At this moment, it is desolate to become a bamboo of empty fairy lonelily, the silent soft melody of trickling. Can be moved by the personages in the book, the silent one sheds tears. I at this moment unload the mask which lost life, return to the uncut jade and return really. Do not take the compositions of any false decorations; Or smile, it is sweet too that this smiles, it is I that have held the secret that a share to the heart can't express for a long time.

    All right, broadcast the light and slow gentle serenade, silent staying at the bed and refusing to leave, think of nothing. Only let oneself be immersed in the rare atmosphere that builds out. Let the body and mind originally really come back at this moment, enjoying the perching of soul that the music brings to me quietly. Let the music annotate my need for romance.

    All right, shoulder the simple travelling bag, get the place for a long time of yearning for. Don't be accompanied by nobody, the journey alone, can be with the powerful and unconstrained style, unrestrained and carefree.  Perhaps I will have rolled on a green meadow like child. Look for it back to innocence and naughtiness in childhood. Perhaps, I will give a loud cry, break this quiet moment. Let lonely heart get the happiness released. Grow up itself a kind of pain. It is very difficult to become oneself once. Let time that stay alone this make, answer real oneself just. In the strange place, no one knows you. Let this sunshine illuminating I those want, shout, call day that produce complete! Here, the time that a person stays alone, the very wonderful moment when!

    No matter how strenuous life is, we should all find the rare one quietly in the noise of this world, give one's own soul have a rest one o'clock in weariness, let oneself oneself, let, dissect oneself, let, encourage oneself, let oneself make, answer oneself  

    This is mediated and is constrained by me, the way to release body and mind. This whether I stay alone unparalleled pleasure alone too.

    It is that one is beautiful and true to stay alone! It is a kind of true beauty to stay alone.


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