Two trees

Two trees
Two trees. One grows on the barren hillside; One that is growing fertile is had.

That head of hillside, arid to threaten existence of it often, root pitch dark, grow faster than the branch and leaf, it is long; Ground that head that have, someone come, irrigate the fields often, come, apply fertilizer, it worry, have water " drink " ,Have worried "  The meal " Eat, the branch and leaf grows faster than the root, it is long. In this way, two trees, are growing in different massives. A " eat and drink " Do not worry; One, often in order to survive busily.

That tree on the hillside, can live, must risk one's life pitching the root down to depend on, absorb underground moisture and nourishment, the straight and upright neck is long up; Ground the tree that have, live very moist, depend on sufficient source of water and fertilizer. Two trees, opportunities are different, environments are different, attitudes of surviving are different, states of surviving are different too.

Later, mountain torrents erupt, wash down hillside, wash farmland no. Ground the tree that have, break flood root, roll leave ground - -Death; That tree on the hillside, the root of the earth's surface uncovers, but the majority is still very deep, it still stands upright - -Still alive.

Two trees, environments are different, living laws are different: One kind changes the environment voluntarily; One kind relies on the environment passively. One, live; One, died. One, was born in the suffering; One, it is peaceful and comfortable to die from.

One comes in this world, in fact just like a tree. Frequently, can't choose to come from, everybody has a one's own living environment. The difference between people and people lies in facing the environment that oneself is in correctly, hit and pay attention to one's own life. Some people, will only rely on the environment, environment of complaining, but does not know the development environment, transform the environment; Some people, know that adapts to the environment first, then transform the environment; Can't change the environment, but can change the mental state. Can't change others, but can change oneself. People are different from people, environments are different, living laws are different, life may just be different.

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