Who is you

Who is you
I leave tear and laugh to you; I leave dream and pursuit to you; I leave the morning and dusk to you; I leave half of mine to you. I know that there is your existence in this world; There must be half that you become me, become my sun; There must be you and hold me and embrace my everything  

Though sometimes I am very lonely and very lonely who is you, even can't help wanting to seek you and get you as soon as possible, want, unbosome to you thought of me long for, want, open feelings of me wide to you, want, spend joyous face of me freely to you, but for the warmth as scheduled of the future, I must condense my aspiration, must condense my yearning, must condense my enthusiasm.

It will certainly know by you I in,will certainly wait for by I in the front crossing or platform. I know you will come over surprisely finally, surprisely and I know and know each other.

In this way, I walk on this road very lonelily, very happily, my sight is always that the perseverance is always towards the front. And give no thought to thistles and thorns such as the forest, dangerous gully everywhere.

I often check whether one's own step strengthens, often hope the span is a bit greater, it is a bit bigger. I always imagine the day when will meet with you soon, always aftertaste you. I have even already felt your existence, have experienced your breath. I see you far place flicker a bunch of flowers in in the front already, give one's regard to me again and again, call again and again  

All sunshine is paved with this road, a kind of happiness which is full of glamour is drawing me, it is vigorous to accompany my confidence with you, the paces are tough and tensile.

Moving towards you in this way, I am dust, full or weariness fully.
Marching on towards you in this way, I have one's face covered with tears, with smiles.
Even if not know - -Who is it to have you now? Who does the outcome have you? !

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It is a kind of enjoyment too to stay alone

It is a kind of enjoyment too to stay alone
 Live in this world with noisy confusion, really need the space that oneself stays alone sometimes. Can let one's own soul fly away, all the thing can think of anything needn't think of. A person stays alone quietly and follows beautifully, clear fairy follows, follow warmly: One people stay alone, poverty too rich, lonely and gentle even.

Can stroll by water, stand still for a long while in the silent spaciousness, experience a clear fairy. Make soul Far from the Madding Crowd numerous and disorderly world, experience fragrance of flowers quietly, listen to chirping of birds. Appreciate that brings my fun naturally, the silent one is immersed in one's own reverie, don't who come on to keep company, there is only oneself, but I am the truest at this moment. It is easy to look up at the remotest places cloud cirrus. Let the heart float and fly with one's own boundless state of mind. At this moment, this world belongs to me, I had the whole world too.

Can hold a product fragrant tender tea leaves, Yong's lazy browsing a good book in the curling up of Yin Yun. Let oneself be gone to understand in the book about life in this rare tranquility, characters about the emotion. At this moment, it is desolate to become a bamboo of empty fairy lonelily, the silent soft melody of trickling. Can be moved by the personages in the book, the silent one sheds tears. I at this moment unload the mask which lost life, return to the uncut jade and return really. Do not take the compositions of any false decorations; Or smile, it is sweet too that this smiles, it is I that have held the secret that a share to the heart can't express for a long time.

    All right, broadcast the light and slow gentle serenade, silent staying at the bed and refusing to leave, think of nothing. Only let oneself be immersed in the rare atmosphere that builds out. Let the body and mind originally really come back at this moment, enjoying the perching of soul that the music brings to me quietly. Let the music annotate my need for romance.

    All right, shoulder the simple travelling bag, get the place for a long time of yearning for. Don't be accompanied by nobody, the journey alone, can be with the powerful and unconstrained style, unrestrained and carefree.  Perhaps I will have rolled on a green meadow like child. Look for it back to innocence and naughtiness in childhood. Perhaps, I will give a loud cry, break this quiet moment. Let lonely heart get the happiness released. Grow up itself a kind of pain. It is very difficult to become oneself once. Let time that stay alone this make, answer real oneself just. In the strange place, no one knows you. Let this sunshine illuminating I those want, shout, call day that produce complete! Here, the time that a person stays alone, the very wonderful moment when!

    No matter how strenuous life is, we should all find the rare one quietly in the noise of this world, give one's own soul have a rest one o'clock in weariness, let oneself oneself, let, dissect oneself, let, encourage oneself, let oneself make, answer oneself  

    This is mediated and is constrained by me, the way to release body and mind. This whether I stay alone unparalleled pleasure alone too.

    It is that one is beautiful and true to stay alone! It is a kind of true beauty to stay alone.


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Depreciation charge of soul

Depreciation charge of soul
This is a thing 5 years ago. At that time, the eldest brother has been just laid off, at a crossroad of the county town, rented a iron sheet cabin, it costs some tobacco and wine,etc..

At dusk one day, a middle aged man walks up to the eldest brother's iron room. The man puts down the heavy braided bag in the hand, find out five mao from the pocket, buy one inferior cigarette, man take one cigarette out, at order, then and eldest brother exchange a few words of greetings. While talking, the eldest brother knows, the man is our people of the county, have just come back from worker from the other places. The man says, there is dirt road of 20 odd lies from his home to county town, the man hesitates to propose very much, whether can borrow a bicycle from eldest brother, because he has already taken the car for a whole night and a whole day. The eldest brother sees the night has already come, look this strange civilian worker before having in mind up and down again, still those one of his finally "  Except that the bicycle bell does not ring anywhere loudly "  The east famous bicycle push away come out. Eldest brother at that time, really had one more heart. He originally just bought a new bicycle, but the eldest brother did not dare to believe others easily.

Being very grateful, man say that will still come back the car tomorrow morning at the latest. Because perhaps hasty, the man has not found time to leave his name and village, left by bike hurriedly.

In the evening, when my sister-in-law heard eldest brother lent the bicycle to a stranger, having made a noise with the mobile telephone, my eldest brother is the elm hang-up not to have one's ideas straightened out that the sister-in-law says, must this time have been deceived, does not believe that wait and see.

The next morning, the eldest brother waited for it in front of the iron sheet room anxiously, how he hoped that man appears early, however, time passed by second by second, people come and go on the street, there is not that man. The sister-in-law is beating, ranting and raving constantly aside, the eldest brother is being become agitated by silence, become angry agitatedly. Having arrived at 12 o'clock at noon, the man did not come yet, the eldest brother was desperate at last, let sisters-in-law curse him savagely.

It was probably when half past 12 at noon, that man suddenly presented it in front of the eldest brother riding the bicycle. The sweat that the man has wiped the face to, was saying repeatedly: "Sorry, sorry, late. " First eldest brother is pleasantly surprised, but a following one is that the fire with nameless one rose from the bottom of heart. Eldest brother Li Sheng says: "Sorry pieces of wind! You have delayed my major issue! " The man stood aside very awkwardly, helpless and without resources, suddenly, the eldest brother had a brainwave and said: "All right, I can't lend the bicycle to you in vain, you must pay a piece of money, even if is the ' depreciation charge ' of the car. " The eldest brother is very one's own and clever and proud, he knows, one's own this trick is certain to gain the wife's praise, as expected, sister-in-law who has been standing nearby all the time, the gratified smile has emerged on the face immediately. However, that man is obviously indebted to by this burst of change, he says speaking haltingly: "Yes   You say   How much is it? " The eldest brother says: "Please take 20 yuan. " The man has not spoken, draw out the paper currency of two tens from the pocket, pass the eldest brother. Then, the man has said: "Thank you, I have left. " Having finished talking about, man's head is not incorporated among crowds going back either.

See the man already going far, the eldest brother turns round, get rid of that 20 yuan to the sister-in-law ruthlessly. Then, the eldest brother plans to push the car inwards. Suddenly, the eldest brother became speechless because of astonishment! Because he has seen a brand-new bicycle bell, dial with hands, it is loud and clear to send out for a moment. The eldest brother saw suddenly carefully, the car was really one's own Dongfanghong, but that changed was not merely a bicycle bell, there are two brand-new pedals, the roller chain that is just oiled and polishing a new car tile.

The eldest brother has understood quickly. He has robbed 20 yuan in sister-in-law's hands, runs and goes in the street at once. However, that man has already had no way of seeking.

Nowadays, the eldest brother runs an enterprise by oneself, enterprises are flourishing. The eldest brother says to me, that 20 yuan, his soul depreciation charge of all one's life many times. At the gate of eldest brother's factory, I have seen four big characters: Based on sincerity.

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Two trees

Two trees
Two trees. One grows on the barren hillside; One that is growing fertile is had.

That head of hillside, arid to threaten existence of it often, root pitch dark, grow faster than the branch and leaf, it is long; Ground that head that have, someone come, irrigate the fields often, come, apply fertilizer, it worry, have water " drink " ,Have worried "  The meal " Eat, the branch and leaf grows faster than the root, it is long. In this way, two trees, are growing in different massives. A " eat and drink " Do not worry; One, often in order to survive busily.

That tree on the hillside, can live, must risk one's life pitching the root down to depend on, absorb underground moisture and nourishment, the straight and upright neck is long up; Ground the tree that have, live very moist, depend on sufficient source of water and fertilizer. Two trees, opportunities are different, environments are different, attitudes of surviving are different, states of surviving are different too.

Later, mountain torrents erupt, wash down hillside, wash farmland no. Ground the tree that have, break flood root, roll leave ground - -Death; That tree on the hillside, the root of the earth's surface uncovers, but the majority is still very deep, it still stands upright - -Still alive.

Two trees, environments are different, living laws are different: One kind changes the environment voluntarily; One kind relies on the environment passively. One, live; One, died. One, was born in the suffering; One, it is peaceful and comfortable to die from.

One comes in this world, in fact just like a tree. Frequently, can't choose to come from, everybody has a one's own living environment. The difference between people and people lies in facing the environment that oneself is in correctly, hit and pay attention to one's own life. Some people, will only rely on the environment, environment of complaining, but does not know the development environment, transform the environment; Some people, know that adapts to the environment first, then transform the environment; Can't change the environment, but can change the mental state. Can't change others, but can change oneself. People are different from people, environments are different, living laws are different, life may just be different.

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